Thank you for being born in this world.

The Decline of Mankind.

"How much did we lose to live this way?"

I can't help but think, despite the technology surrounding us, that we've disregarded further learning. How the spoken language of the youth no longer makes sense to me, and I think the convenience of having devices do all the work for us, play a big part in our negligence for achieving greater understanding.

There was once a time when people did not have the technology we do now, but they had such refined manners, beautifully made clothing, meaningful conversations, and well thought of ideas.

We owe this planet more than we know, we should care for it, and know more about it.
Let's not stagnate our capacity to widen our horizons. I am a firm believer of sharing knowledge, I know there are those who would disagree, but it makes me happy to help others, it makes me feel elated.

"The fate of one, is the fate of all"

Let us live for a better tomorrow.
You might be living a difficult life, don't fret, there is a reason for your being.
We must not only think of ourselves, someday, love, we will be as one people, and it will be marvelous.

Stabbed by the blade of lies.

I usually know (feel) it when someone is lying to me, but I give them the benefit of the doubt, I think about the reason why they need to hide the facts from me.
I can take the truth, I prefer the truth, I may feel dejected at first once I find out about it, but I'd still appreciate it that you had faith in me to tell me the truth.

Bring a Friend Weekend!


This weekend, I dolled myself up, and met up with wonderful people!


My bestfriend KC and I agreed to meet up, and introduce our friends who we think are totally on the same wavelength as us!
Jeeka is KC's friend whom she met through a mutual friend, she wanted me to meet her since she thought that we would get a long, and we did! Jeeka is fun, and has a good sense of humor!

Ven, and I at the comfort room, camwhoring. Yes.

I told KC that she should meet Ven because she's moving away, and it's been years since I told her they should meet, and finally we agreed to all get together this weekend at the mall.
Ven and I got there early, around 11am, we had coffee, and talked about random things, that are not commonly talked about by others hahaha! (ex. scalping) Hello? would you bring that topic up? We would hahaha

comfort room yes 2
Jeek, Me, Ven, and KC.

Kc, and Jeeka arrived around 12:30nn and we hit it off right away! We talked endlessly, never running out of things to talk about, and the seldom silence just to rest ourselves from, well, TALKING! It was so much fun! We ate at Pepper Lunch, I never imagined that ordering food would've been so much fun hahaha! We were laughing, and joking amongst ourselves about the menu.

We went to Poetry & Prose cafe after for dessert.
This cafe was divine!

poetry and prose2

I had Beignet with chocolate dip! YUM!
I ordered a chocolate crepe, which I forgot to take a photo of before digging into it!
Their tea was delicious too! I'm used to having tea with honey, and milk, but theirs didn't need any of those!

We decided to head home around 5pm since it was getting dark, and KC slept at 4am that day! We all agreed to meet up again for a sleep over the week after the next, I'm so excited about it!
I'm so thankful to have found friends like them!

Ven, and I met up with her sister at Project Pie, and had dinner.
We went to a cafe called Green Bean afterwards to meet up with Ven's friend I gave them some privacy by plugging in my earphones and tuning out while reading "Just Kids" by Patti Smith, i'm totally in-love with this book right now!
This weekend was wonderful!

Step by Step

I've always been holed up in my little room, afraid of having to interact with other people, and of failing. Although, recently I've been thinking of starting over. It's true that whenever I go out on my own, my heart still feels like it's going to jump out and rob a bank or something, I'm very nervous, but somehow excited too. I'm hoping this step I've decided to take would help me grow. Someday, I hope I can fulfill one of my dreams, to become a writer, and write stories that would move people, stories that would make people want to move forward, and wake up to a brand new day.

Float away Dandelions

"What do you carry? What do you think is best for you? where ever you're going you'd always be the same, I pray."
- Monkey Cage by MONORAL

Of course, that wouldn't be possible, everybody changes in a span of a year, a month, or even a week. Who knows what could happen? But I hope you remain a person who thirsts for life.

A very good friend of mine is leaving for another country in a few weeks, I've been very calm about it so far, but I just couldn't stop my tears from falling when I went through the books she left for me to take care of while she's away. Here was a person who was on the same wavelength as me, a person I connected with on so many levels, someone who was full of creativity, someone who had so much ardor for life, and living, a person who dreams awake.

"Dream Alive"
-I've told myself countless times, and will continue to do so. I hope you will too.

If you're reading this, take a moment to read "The Beginning". Just think about all of the adventure that's waiting for us? Making our dreams come true won't be easy, but at least you'd share the hardships with a good friend.

In this life of mine, it hasn't been easy finding people who understood the things I am passionate about, I've given up trying to find people, I let myself be immersed into a pool of people from different walks of life, it was tiring, but you get to find wonderful things when you stay a while.
When you find those who can understand you well, and would stay with you no matter how crazy you'd get, someone who would just look at you and smile when you'd make silly faces or weird noises just because, keep them.
Stay with those who truly care about your well-being they'd get mad at you, and give you creative criticisms to become a better person, no matter how low you'd get, they'd dive into your misery, and help you resurface.

Surround yourself with positive energy.
Someday, you'll find out the purpose of the things that are happening to you now.
Be true to yourself.

Keep an open mind.
Always be kind whenever possible, it is always possible.

fey dandelion

There will be different types of people with different opinions, ideas, mind-sets and beliefs, don't be offended if they have dissimilar views compared to you. We are all entitled to our own opinions, beliefs, and rules to live by. As long as we are living a peaceful life, and are not harming others, live on.

I've got so much I want to achieve in this life. Everything will be alright. There will be sad times, there will be hard times, but there will always be fun times, they are all memories worthy of keeping.

bonne chance! à bientôt mon ami~!

Hello Bear, Hello Bear, Hello~ Monokuma!


Hello~! I will be transferring to my blogspot soon, once I finish reconstructing the layout and all. I'm still a bit confused about how to use blogger, since I got used to blogging over here. I'll be updating this blog once in a while though~ I can't let it go just yet. I'll be posting more personal stuff here like anecdotes, thoughts and whatnots.

For future blogposts please go here.

I'll be seeing you in a while~

Dream Big and Keep Smiling~!

Au revoir~


Let's talk a little bit about privacy, shall we?

The state or condition of being free from being observed or disturbed by other people.
The state of being free from public attention.
secrecy - solitude - seclusion - retirement

Leafa Infinity Moment Ver by Hiber Panda

Ok, now you have a better understanding of the word, let's go into depths with it~
Do you remember being a kid and your parents or gaurdians would keep a constant eye on you?
Yeah, that was a good thing back then, when you were a kid, but what if you're already in your teen years or worse, adulthood?

Alright, your parents still do have a right to pry on you during your teenage years since you're still at a developing kind of stage, but when do we think it's too much?
When parents ask you questions, I think it's still best to be honest. If you've got nothing to hide, why lie? besides, lying will just get you into more trouble.
Parents, know your limitations, know when to ask your kids your questions. Asking your kid about her love life or sensitive stuff like that in front of her friends or others would be embarrassing!
It would seem like fun or just a joke to you but some kids take that as a strong blow to their self-esteem.
Not everyone is the same.
Ok, we'll go back to that, now fast forward to adulthood.
When you think you've got your shiz together, but you feel you still need guidance from older people with more experience, that's alright!
At times when you think you need more privacy, you should speak up! Older people would assume that you're old enough and things are alright. They wouldn't know unless you speak up.
Sometimes, older people care too much about you and would jump at the chance to spy on you, like listening in on your conversations.
You're an adult, you have got to tell them that you need more privacy and that they have to trust you.
Sometimes people will judge you for your past actions, that can't be helped.

"Don't judge me by my past, I don't live there anymore"
Dream of Doll cosplay by Tonari no Tsuns

Easier said than done, you have to prove yourself to them.
It won't be easy and it will take time, but you'll get there.

Now, when you think you've proven yourself but they still don't give you the privacy you need?
Then I think it's time that you really get your shiz together and move out.
Assuming that you're an adult who's REALLY got their shiz together.
No, you're not moving out because you hate them. You're moving out because you care, because you care about your relationship with your family, about maintaining the sanctuary that is your home, and because you care about their and your well-being.

Here are some things that are not ok:

▼Bursting into another person's room without knocking.
(common sense)
▼Looking over someone while they check their email or are on the computer or anything.
(if you're curious, just ask)
▼Stalking. Stalking can actually be ok, as long as you don't judge the person by the things you see, sometimes what we think we see is different from what the person is actually trying to say.
(Do not ever go around saying things about what you saw/read/heard about that person that is a complete violation of privacy)
▼PERSONAL SPACE. Don't go poking other people all of a sudden. No, even though you're family, some people are not comfortable with contact.

So, I guess that's it for now, this post may be full of fails, I will edit it when I get the time and when I feel motivated to do so. LOL OK JK JK I will never edit, maybe. IDK

Fatal Frame I: John Rey as Mafuyu | Hiber Panda as Miku

Dream Big and Keep Smiling!

Au Revoir~

Hello, how are you?

Hey! how are you? I hope you're doing great.
I've been busy lately, slowly but surely my life is coming together or something.
Despite the "lack of motivation cave" I'm usually in, somehow I was ushered out of it, well, no, not really out, just a bit, a bit into the light. LOL
I got a job that I enjoy doing. I'm starting to paint again! yey for that~
I've got a social life again haha (a bit)! I got more time to make my own costumes and crafts! so, yeah, yey!
Ok. Anyway, I've been making a few videos lately and posting them up on my youtube ~!
Check them out!
(I haven't uploaded a video recently but check out the ones I have there, once I have a new camera, I surely will be filming more~ So, watch out for that!
I also got myself an instagram~! Go follow me there to keep updated on my crazy daily life.
See you soon!

Thank you for visiting this blog~
I'm not sure I will be updating this blog any time soon, I plan on moving to another host/server.
but I'll still keep this. :)
(I might change my mind because, reasons. no lol just kidding, I'm indecisive like that.)

Au revoir~!

The Beginning

You got to know when it's not ok or at least try.
There is no book that states what you can and cannot say, when to say it or how you should say it.
But it must be in ones tact to think before they say something.

Starting out.
Everybody starts from the beginning, nobody is born a scientist, a novelist or a musician. They start from scratch and grow from trial and error. Nobody has the right to stagnate someones ambitions just because they seem unlikely. It is better to support, motivate and encourage people. If that is what makes them happy, then why not?

I believe that anybody can be anything as long as they get the right amount of motivation, discipline and support. If a child is raised being told he could not be this or that, they will be de-motivated to do anything at all. DO you remember when we were kids and we were taught how to grow plants? That we had to talk to them so they'd grow well, most likely it's the same with children.

I read somewhere; "Life only starts once you love what you are doing" so why not start doing what you love right now? This is your life, you get to do what you love as long as you do it with all honesty without hurting others.

No matter how old or young you are, your environment matters, where you grow up will always have an effect to who you become. Still, it is your choice to influence or to be influenced.

Don't let anyone tell you, you cannot be what you want to be. Believe in yourself and always do your best with a smile.

Always be thankful for everything even the little things. It will make changes in your life. Make it a habit to thank everything for anything. Learn to be happy and see the bright side amidst the ominous clouds. Let everything that comes out of your mouth be good things.


Always, always drifting, drifting, never ending.
Life is worth living,
though there may be times it gets tiresome,
you just gotta keep going.
Ah, I tire of waiting for you to fly me to the moon.
Calmly looking at the velvet sky
as I close my eyes, drifting, drifting, slowly vanishing.

Tonari no Tsuns 【So Far】 隣のツンス

>Tonari no Tsuns 【So Far】 隣のツンス<

Cosplay showcase of Tonari no Tsuns/隣のツンス up to March 2013.
Pictures are in no chronological order.
We'd like to share with you our cosplays until now.
Some our cosplays may have been a "hit or miss" but we do believe we've improved even a bit.
We hope you will support us in the future too!

Thank you to all the photographers and videographers.
Please look forward to our next Cosplay showcase!

Most if not all of us make our own costumes and props unless stated otherwise.
Visit our
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Tonari.no.Tsuns
Shop: http://www.facebook.com/TsunTsunCoser...

See you guys around~!

Tonari no Tsuns!

(this post may be grammatically incorrect in so many ways, I lack sleep so much, I apologize)
Tonari no Tsuns
my good girlfriends in and out of cosplay!
(check out piggy's post about this too, HERE~)
Tonari literally means "Next to" or "Beside"
In this context, it would mean "Your neighbor"
Thus, Tonari no tsuns = Your Neighbor Tsuns!

Since most of us, if not all of us in our posse are tsuns haha
This group consists of

Audrey S See
Angel Ayanami (Jelly)
Faye Liper
Mimi Monster
Hibernation Panda (me)
Reika Amakura (Piggy)

How we came up with the name was quite random and I don't remember it that well, somehow we went from "The Wild Ones" to "Farm Animals" to TnT (ISN'T THE ABBREVIATION JUST ADORBS)


We're also trying out something new to us,
which is making cosplay videos, that showcases our cosplays!
We make our own costumes and props unless stated otherwise, therefore we wanted to showcase them, not only in photos but also in motion~!
Check us out on
>Tonari no Tsuns Youtube<
>Hibernation Panda Youtube<
We've also got a
>Tonari no Tsuns Facebook<
We would really appreciate your support in our future endeavors!

We hope to see you around!



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